Who Else Is Facing A Challenge But Wants To Run Away?

So simple, isn’t it. To run away.

I almost did last week …

Some of you will know I like to write. Well … I’ve just completed my first novel.

All my writing friends said I should submit it to an agent. Guess what? I wanted to run away. I wanted to dump my novel in the bin …

And then I read about the Winchester Writers’ Festival, taking place in June, just a few miles from here.  Apart from attending fascinating talks by renowned authors, publishers and agents you have the chance of two One-To-One sessions with real live agents!  Exciting but scary too. Would-be successful writers flock from all over the UK to attend.

I found the web-site, and … I booked my place. As a result I get to meet two agents and pitch my novel to them. At the least I shall get some professional advice about how to improve.

I took the risk! 

Now it’s your turn …

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Here’s how it goes:

You decide you want to make that change. Let’s say you want to change your job. You’ve been thinking about it for ages. You shove it to the back of your mind.

But the day comes when you can’t ignore it any more. You need that new job – you’re driving yourself to distraction with the one you’re in.

You come up with so many excuses (yes, I did say excuses, not reasons …) you could fill an A4 page with them.

And then comes the Day of Decision. Your worst day at work ever. That’s it! End of the road! You arrive home from work and get straight on to the computer to do a serious job search. You ring the agency. You update your CV. Hey!!! You’re feeling better! Less scared!

Guess what?…. during the next week … an agency gets back to you … you have an interview! Woooo!

Or … they don’t get back to you in which case you get straight back on that computer ….

Because you’ve chosen to stop running away.

What about you?

What are you running away from ATM? Oh yes you are ;-(

Send me an email and I’ll help you face it. You know you want to!  ;–)

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So You Need Help … What Do You Do?

You’ve got a problem –

You know what I mean …

  • you’re in a tricky relationship,
  • you’ve ruined the special meal you were making,
  • you’ve an awkward mother-in-law to deal with,
  • your computer is playing up,
  • you’re unable to control your unruly children,
  • you can’t find the courage to leave the job you hate.

So … what do you do?

Here’s what happened to me today – let me explain.

I’ve just updated my Mac to a new system called Yosemite. I have no idea what that means except I was assured it would speed everything up and is a ‘good thing’ to do.

Hmmmm…. 😦


  • Yes! I love the new ‘look’ on my screen,
  • Yes! I feel excited to be trying something new,

BUT …. now my printer doesn’t work.

To cut a long story short, I’ve spent all day ton line trying to find out what to do – yes! Literally all day! Grrrr! Hissss! Spit! Well … OK, I lied about the ‘spit’, but you get my drift .

And then …. my OH suggested I should contact the printer’s Help Desk.


It was  like having a magic wand! Someone who knew exactly what to do took over, by remote control! Yes – they were using my keyboard from a far off country while I watched my screen in amazement as they sorted it out 😉

Result – at five pm (yes, a bit early, but what the heck!) I’m enjoying a celebratory glass of Prosecco 😉

The printer works!!!

So what about you?

Are you in a muddle?

Need help with a problem you’ve tried to sort out by yourself with no success?

The answer is … contact the Help Desk! 😉

Talk to me!

That’s what I’m here for. Tell me your problem and I’ll do the best I can to help, even by ‘remote control’ i.e. e-mail.

I’m so glad I didn’t battle on by myself for yet another day, with my malfunctioning printer.

Sometimes … you have to ask for help.

How about you?

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My Problem Is : I Want To Make A Change But I’m Too Scared

You’re not even thinking about changing your job.

Not really.

Not until you see the ad on line.

You feel yourself going red with excitement!  It’s just your scene!

Fascinating work, good pay, not too far to commute …

OMG. 😦

Here they come … the doubts, the scary feelings, the ‘what ifs’…

  • what if … I don’t like it 😦
  • what if … I’m out of my depth 😦
  • what if … it doesn’t work out 😦

I’m sure you can add lots of ‘what ifs’ of your own to this list …

But …

Remember: nothing is perfect.

It may sound as if it will be but there’s always a ‘snag’ if you look hard enough. We all have to compromise, in every new job, new relationship, new home … And there’s always a way round those snags … if you look hard enough.

When you’re thinking about making a change – large or small –  it always helps to follow your instincts. They’re rarely wrong. You get a special feeling inside when you know something’s right for you. Trust your instincts and you can’t go far wrong.

Remember: making a change is scary for most people.

It’s normal!

change = anticipation = fear of failure = determination = success!

Whose permission do you need to make this change?

Only your own.

Just imagine everything that will happen if you do this – you’ll

  • meet new, interesting people
  • discover your own hidden skills and talents
  • discover a whole new world beyond your comfort zone

And if you don’t make this change … you’ll stay exactly where you are … if that’s what you want …

making change

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Start now – think about one tiny step you can take today to move forward to make this change.

What’re you waiting for?

‘You don’t have to be careful what you wish for if it’s what you’re meant to have.’ Jenni Mumford